• Our story

    Le LUBU is the brainchild of three Vietnamese women residing in Finland who were unable to find authentic and delicious Korean kimchi in the Nordic region.

    To remedy this, they took it upon themselves to perfect their own recipe, investing years of effort to hone their craft at their restaurant, Daruma. The kimchi was initially served as a side dish and incorporated into the restaurant's ramen offerings. The demand for their kimchi grew rapidly, and the women decided to embark on their kimchi journey under the moniker "Le Lubu," derived from the Vietnamese word for "busy."

  • Our Kimchi

    Kimchi has something for everyone - from home cooks to seasoned professionals. The type of kimchi we are making is Chinese cabbage which is the most well- known version of kimchi in Korean.

    Kimchi is the perfect way to add a flavorful kick to any dish. Whether you’re looking for a side dish or topping for your meal, our handmade kimchi is sure to satisfy. Get started making amazing dishes today with Le Lubu's handmade kimchi!

    With fresh ingredients and from Finland, our kimchi is handmade with cut salted cabbage mixed with Korean chili powder, garlic, fish sauce and other spices, which is then left to ferment.

    Our kimchi is naturally fermented in approximately three to four days without using any preservative. Vegan kimchi is also available!

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